GoPro Omni 360
GoPro Omni 360
GoPro Omni 360

GoPro Omni

Produce high-resolution, stunning image quality that virtual reality viewers will notice with 8k capture.

Precise, pixel-level synchronization makes stitching in post-production easier and more exact.

The rigid, lightweight, multi-panel aluminum frame is compact and makes Omni easy to mount and use in a variety of shooting scenarios.

The ultimate choice for creating VR content with the GoPro HERO4 Black.

This package includes:

  • 1 x GoPro OMNI Rig
  • 6 x GoPro HERO4 Black Cameras
  • 6 × 64GB MicroSD Card
  • 6 x USB Cables
  • 1 x Multi USB Charger

Weekend £500 Select
1 Week: £700 Select

Additional Information:

This package does not include any software for stitching, and it is up to the customer to have this in place. Alternatively, we can stitch your footage for you; contact us for more information.

Recording time of up to 1 hour is possible on a single charge, and you will need to allow about 1 hour to fully charge again. Mains powered multi-USB charger is supplied with the GoPro Omni.

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Kings Cross in 360 - Sample video showing footage taken using the GoPro Omni Rig at various locations around Kings Cross in London.

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All our hire packages come in a sturdy travel case and include the following items:

USB Charging Cable and 32GB MicroSD Card

Additional mounts for specific sports can be added, just ask us and we’ll let you know a cost.

The costs on this page are for guidance only. If you would like to hire a 360 Camera for a duration that is not shown, just select the closest duration from the options and we’ll customise the quote to suit your needs. Alternatively get in touch using the enquiry form and we will answer any specific questions you have.

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